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Monday, January 4, 2010

Inland Empire Photographer {Christmas Stuff}

I know its been a while since I've blogged last but Its only because I couldn't! Well I guess I could have but then I'd of been blowing the whole Christmas Card Surprise thing... and I didn't want to do that. So you see it really wasn't my fault. Now that the Christmas gifts have been given and the cards are but a memory, I can share a few of the fun sessions I had over the Holiday! First up....Charles and Lourdes
Charles n Lourdes 5 sized 950 copyS kids 1 sized 950 copy
S kids 2 sized 950 copy
Lourdes and I met on the first day of school when our oldest kids went of to kindergarten. We both stood there, each of us holing on to our youngest for dear life, as if someone was going to come and take them away from us too! lol
We have been good friends ever since. We had a great little "Morning Moms" club. You know the few moms who actually get OUT of the car, walk the kids to the playground and chat till the bell rings with our morning coffee. Nothing stays the same for long and now my dear friend has left us and moved to Pasadena. It was just like old times when they came down for their Christmas Picture! We all miss you terribly Lou!

Next up is the Northcotes
Hats from Russia
This was not like working at all! I have know this family for quite some time! much longer than I'm willing to admit! lol Their daughter is like a little ray of sunshine! I'm sure it helped a little when I showed up on the doorstep with a balloon.The day we took these photos it had been raining for days and several of our dates had been rained out, so we decided to do the best we could and use their outdoor living space, which is more grand than my indoor living space! When I got there the fireplace was ablaze and set a great mood.

The "D" Kids
You may recognize the big sister Amanda from here or here. She models for me quite a bit, so when she asked me to snap a quick shot for her to surprise her mom with for Christmas I was more than happy to do so. I had been quite sick and cant believe I actually went out in public dressed the way I was, puffy red eyes and nose! lol I really didn't want to run into anyone I knew. But as Murphy's Law would have it, I ran into a gal from the kids school who stopped in field we were in and said " follow me back to my house, its just beyond this field, I have a great piece of property", so we did and as you can see it was pretty cool!
So that is just a sampling of what I wasn't able to show you over the month of December.... I do have a VERY cool shoot coming up! cant give away the details just yet, but come back soon.

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